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Zakary Malikov was a member of the House of Knives, father of Erik and Niklas Malikov, brother of Mikhail Malikov and two other unspecified Malikovs, and uncle of Ella Malikova. He was the head of the New Petersburg branch of the House of Knives.

Known Anecdotes[]

Billy the Dog[]

At some point in time, before the Balashov Incident, Erik and Niklas Malikov acquired a stray dog named Billy from the streets of New Petersburg. They ran to tell Zakary Malikov, who allowed them to keep her, but only if they treated her as family and took care of her.

Then, Eric and Nik were playing with Billy next to a mag rail tram, and Billy got hit by the tram. They ran to alert their father, who responded by telling them that Billy's back was broken. Erik was hysterical, and Zakary simply told them to be men, and gave them his pistol. Nik shot her, at age eleven.

The Balashov Incident[]

The Balashov Incident was one in which after Zakary Malikov murdered a man outside of a New Petersburg pub. The owner alerted the New Petersburg Police Department, and Malikov was locked in jail to await trial. When his two sons visited, he gave them a sheet of paper with the address of the pub's owner. Nik decided not to do it, but Erik thought of it as a chance to step out of his older brother's shadow. He killed the owner of the pub, Dmitry Balashov, and his daughter, Oksana Balashova. Nik took the blame for his younger brother, knowing that prison would be too harsh for Erik. Three years later, Erik committed suicide, leaving in the note that he had killed Dmitry and Oksana. Nik was released, but afterwards got into a brawl with his father and left to work with the Heimdall branch of the House of Knives.