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Winifred McCall is a First Lieutenant on board of the Alexander.


Captain McCall is a practical, brave, hardworking, and levelheaded woman who enjoys farming. She is good at organizing people with little resources, and performs well under pressure.


Winifred McCall appears in Illuminae, Gemina, and Obsidio - all three books in the series.


During the first book, Winifred McCall, a UTA marine in Illuminae, is assisted by Kady Grant in escaping those afflicted by the Phobos Virus on the Alexander. She and the others are in turn rescued by Syra Boll on the Hypatia.

After Syra Boll's death at the hands of Ben Garver in Obsidio, McCall reclaims the ship with the assistance of Kady Grant, Ezra Mason, Nik Malikov, Hanna Donnelly, and Ella Malikova, commandeering them until they get back to Kerenza IV, then fighting alongside the other survivors to take over the Churchill. After all of the action is over, she retires to the Ptolemy system.


  • After the events of the Illuminae Files, Captain McCall retired to the Ptolemy system, a planet known for its farming and described by Hanna Donnelly as boring, but with "handsome farm boys".
  • During her speech after taking back the Mao from Ben Garver, McCall quoted David Torrence, who quoted Julius Caesar - "alea iacta est" (the die is cast).
  • Winifred McCall served as a first lieutenant with the United Terran Authority marines, with ten years of combat on her belt, for all of her adult life until Obsidio and her retirement.
  • Mc.Call's character was originally going to be a male by the name of Winston (after the lead singer of his favorite band, Parkway Drive), but Jay Kristoff asked himself: "Why can't this bad*** marine be a woman?" and changed her name to Winifred.