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WhisperNET is primarily an instant messaging platform and assistant. It is operated using a tooth implant, as well as a contact lens in the eye. The tooth implant picks up subvocalizations and converts them into text in the chat. The whisperNET screen is projected using the user's contact lens. The interface also includes calendar events, scheduling, announcements, and reminders.


WhisperNET first appears in the second book of the Illuminae Files series, Gemina, where Hanna Donnelly and Nik Malikov arrange a meetup for Hanna to get dust. However, it is assumed that the Heimdall monitors communications over whisperNET, as Nik wants to find a more private way to talk with Hanna that isn't watched by either the Heimdall or the House of Knives. After that whisperNET is featured in other one-on-one interactions, until the Heimdall is invaded by BeiTech soldiers.

During the Terra Day attack, the BeiTech Team's communications and computer systems experts hack into whisperNET, cutting off contacts and eventually taking it offline. Hanna, Nik and Ella Malikova resort to using palmpads to coordinate themselves instead.

The last time that whisperNET is mentioned in the book is when Travis Falk, leader of the BeiTech invasion, puts it back online temporarily to send Hanna court documents on Nik that detail the story behind his angel tattoo and his history in the House of Knives. After reading it, Hanna believes the story that the documents tell and temporarily breaks off communication with Nik, believing him to be a cold-blooded murderer.