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Who is in command of this jump station?

—Travis Falk, GEMINA: The ILLUMINAE Files_02

Travis Falk is the Team Commander that leads the BeiTech acquisition team in the Terra Day attack on Heimdall Jump Station.


Travis Falk is very levelheaded and, even in stressing situations, remains calm. While taking over Heimdall Jump Station, he strictly follows instructions and even seems to find it quite amusing to see the habitants' fear.[2]


Travis Falk has blond hair, which is shaved into a short fauxhawk, and ice blue eyes. He is tall and heavily built with "a biceps bigger than a head", according to Sam Wheaton. On his chin, he has a tuft of hair. He is of Norse descent.[3]


Takeover of heimdallEdit

Travis Falk led the assault on Jump Station Heimdall. He got in by having Operative Rapier trick the House of Knives into smuggling them in, then proceeded to kill the existing leaders and commandeer the station.

Skills & AbilitiesEdit


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