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Terra Day is a holiday celebrated across the universe, taking place on August 15th of every year. It celebrates the day humanity first left its solar system (also known as the Core).


In GEMINA: The ILLUMINAE Files 02, the residents of Heimdall Jump Station are preparing to celebrate Terra Day. The station is short-staffed and nearly deserted over the holiday after most of the residents and traffic have gone to spend time with family.

During this lull in activity, BeiTech Industries, looking to silence any witnesses of its attack on the illegal hermium colony on planet Kerenza IV, stages a hostile takeover (known as the Terra Day attack) to intercept the refugee ship Hypatia before it can jump through Heimdall's wormhole. Operative Rapier threatens House of Knives member Nik Malikov into helping get the auditor team aboard, hijacking a coworker's name in order to disguise his identity and rigging the cams so that none of the residents or security spot the incoming soldiers.

The takeover is met with resistance in the form of Hanna Donnelly, Nik Malikov, Ella Malikova and Isaac Grant, and the group bands together during the attack to defend their home and figure out why the troops have invaded the station.


  • The day before the attack, Station Commander Charles Donnelly (Hanna's father) and Chief Isaac Grant (Kady Grant's father) were planning to drink a bottle of '57 Sláine.
  • The Heimdall's celebration was going to take place on the Atrium Level, Command & Control Facility, and Alpha Sector. It lasted from 18:00 until late at night, and would have featured a DJ named "SOUNDWAV3", ethyl and stims, door prizes, a costume contest, and a charity raffle for victims of the lysergia plague (assumedly a reference to Ella Malikova, who was a survivor of the disease).
  • Hanna Donnelly had heard her father's Terra Day speech at home twice already and memorized what it said, allowing her to be late to the party and still withstand questioning from her father. Her tardiness saved her, as the BeiTech invaders attacked the Atrium first, where most of the celebrations were.