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Rhys Lindstrom was a technician on the Magellan, later transferred as a "specialist" onto Kerenza IV by BeiTech Industries. He helped the rebellion on Kerenza IV.


Rhys has a strong sense of justice, but isn't always willing to act on it due to fear, as shown by his hesitation to help Asha with the resistance against BeiTech on Kerenza IV. He's also loyal to the people he loves, especially Asha, and would go to great lengths to protect them.


Rhys Lindstrom is known for sporting a gravity-defying quiff of sandy blond hair. He has a square jaw and strong gray eyes [1].


Rhys first appeared in Obsidio, working for BeiTech Industries to help out with tehnological difficulties on Kerenza IV. He had been talking to his higher up officer when a bomb went off, blowing him down.

He meets former girlfriend Asha Grant shortly after landing, who convinces him with some difficulty to assist the resistance against BeiTech's occupation and helps her broadcast an SOS message to the Mao and formulate an attack plan.

After fighting starts, though, Rhys suspects Asha of stealing several sticks of Thermex, which has the potential to be very destructive and kill many people. He turns her in to be captured, but later breaks her free and helps her hide from his fellow soldiers and find Katya Kowalski.



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