Private Jarrod Day dies within the opening scenes of the book Obsidio. He is killed in the explosion when Lindstrom and Oshiro land on Kerenza with the other pounders.

Death Edit

His death is followed by the line, "Welcome to Kerenza, Cherry" from Oshiro to Lindstrom as his body is removed from the landing area.

Day dies alongside some other people, mostly the ground crew. Before he dies, Lieutenant Christie says, "You're too stupid to know when to die" and, "Private Day, are you reading me? I do not give you permission to die, is that understood?" He dies shortly after this interaction.

The wound that caused his death was a chunk of his chest taken out in the explosion. It is remarked in the video transcript, "...the breastplate of his ATLAS torn open by a smoking chunk of Locust hull. The chest behind it is shredded, white bone showing through the carnage, blood steaming in the snow."<section class="pi-item pi-group pi-border-color"></section><section class="pi-item pi-group pi-border-color"></section><section class="pi-item pi-group pi-border-color"></section> <section class="pi-item pi-group pi-border-color"></section>

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