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Magellan is a Mobile Jump Platform created by BeiTech Industries. It is the first Mobile Jump Platform to ever be created outside a United Terran Authority laboratory.[1] It was critically damaged by the Alexander in the Battle of Kerenza IV.[2]

However, BeiTech managed to repair it and restore its funcionality. But before they could use it to leave Kerenza IV, it was commandeered by the crew of gunboat Mao (composed of former Alexander, Hypatia, Heimdall crew and refugees from Kerenza IV) and its whole crew was killed by venting atmosphere into space.


Magellan was used by BeiTech to transport the BeiTech fleet to the Kerenza System. During the battle that ensued, Magellan was critically by the Alexander. The occupying BeiTech forces would press the Kerenza miners to produce enough hermium to repair Magellan. When Mao returned to Kerenza IV, Travis J. Falk's breaching pod, escorted by Ezra Mason and his Chimeras, smashed into Magellan. While a small force led by Winifred McCall distracted Magellan's SecTeam, another team of Hanna Donnelly, Kim Rivera and Michelle Dennis planted a virus into Magellan's servers. Ella Malikova then opened every single vent on the ship, killing everyone on board.


  • Magellan was named after Ferdinand Magellan, the famous Portuguese explorer who sailed around the entire world.
  • The ship initially bore tech specialist and ground pounder Rhys Lindstrom, though a shortage in tech specialist meant that he was later transferred on loan to Kerenza's surface with Jake Christie and his soldiers.


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