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Leanne Frobisher is the Director of Acquisitions of BeiTech Industries. She is also one of the BeiTech employees responsible for the attack on Kerenza IV.


Leanne displayed abusive behavior towards both her husband, Antony, and her son, Ezra. It is described how she used to burn Ezra with cigars and once even pulled a gun on her then-significant other.[1] Subsequently, both Ezra and his father ran away and spent years hiding from her on Kerenza IV.




At the beginning of the book, she requests files regarding the attack on Kerenza IV from the Illuminae Group. As the story progresses, she is mentioned several times by Ezra, who seems afraid of speaking of her. At end of the book, it is revealed that she is the Director of Acquisitions of BeiTech Industries and has already uncovered Kady Grant's identity as one of the analysts of the group. She threatens Kady to make her stop researching the attack on Kerenza IV and the events that followed, as this evidence might lead to legal action being taken against BeiTech, but does so unsuccessfully.


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