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Lanima are a species of parasitic linguastata that produce dust. They are native to the planet Pangaea III.[1] Their name derives from the Latin lambere (to lick) and anima (soul). Neo-Davidian colonists of Pangaea III, who first discovered the species, referred to victims as being rendered 'soulless'.


Lanima (colloquially called "lickers") are apex-level predators, known for their hostile temperaments and aggressive territoriality. They are characterised by a serpentine body, two long forelimbs and four sucking mouths, appearing similar to lamprey eels. Specimens have reached recorded lengths of three meters (roughly 10 feet), with individual mouth circumferences of over 30 cm. Each jaw-less mouth is equipped with an elongated prehensile tongue. Being sightless, they sense vibrations by "licking" the air around them. Additionally, they secrete a psychoactive venom used for immobilizing prey.

Lickers are covered in a moist dermis, which produces a kaleidoscopic pattern when exposed to visible light. It has been described by both Analyst ID 7213-0089-DN[2] and AIDAN[3] as being a kaleidoscope of 'un-colors'. They secrete a thick, oily fluid from subdermal glands - the secretion reacts in the presence of CO2 to produce an airborne psychoactive, used to disorient and disable prey. It is stated that they possess at least canine-level intelligence.

Lanima become extremely agitated in the presence of noise exceeding 100 dB. It is assumed that this is due to interference to their aural network, the way rapidly strobing light might agitate a human.

Feeding Edit

Lanima feed on electromagnetic frequencies emanating from brainwave activity, typically by attaching one or more mouths to the cranial region of their victims and inserting the tongue through available orifices (eyes, ears, mouth, etc.). Lanima will feed on brainwave activity until their victims are reduced to a permanent vegatative state, but the act of feeding itself often fails to kill the victim.

Life CycleEdit

Cultivation and UsesEdit


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