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"Am I not merciful?"
This article contains plot details and potential spoilers for the The ILLUMINAE Files series! If you have not begun reading the books or are not too far into the story, please refrain from reading or proceed with caution.

Samuel Maginot, also known as Jackson Merrick to residents of Heimdall, is Hanna Donnelly's ex-boyfriend, who worked in the security divison of Heimdall Jump Station. He is later revealed to be an undercover agent working for BeiTech Industries and synonymous with Operative Rapier.


Samuel, also known as Jackson, is described to be fun and charming. We can also see that he's intelligent and flirty, especially with Hanna.


Samuel is described to be very attractive with blond hair green eyes, bringing him many admirers. Samuel has an accent, which Analyst 7213-0089-DN describes as a "loin-stirringly deep, upper-crust accent". They also mention that to get its full effect, you should listen to smooth jazz while imagining it.[6]


Maginot appears in the book Gemina, where he monitors communications to and from the Heimdall while doing everything he can to make his girlfriend Hanna happy, including pushups, bringing her strawberries, and letting her put little braids in his hair.

Operative Rapier appears first while messaging BeiTech's Director of Acquisitions Leanne Frobisher. He warns of a disaster incoming in the form of the ship Hypatia, which bears survivors of BeiTech's unjustified invasion on Kerenza IV. Frobisher assures him that she is sending in a team of auditors to take over Heimdall and prevent the survivors from speaking out on BeiTech's crimes.

He enlists the help of Nik Malikov to get the BeiTech forces onboard the Heimdall by impersonating Sam Wheaton. He threatens Nik, getting him to smuggle a biotainer onboard (which contains the BeiTech team members).

After the BeiTech soldiers have started their assault on the station, Maginot still tries to keep Hanna safe. However, she still doesn't know that he is the undercover operative behind the whole invasion.

Hanna finds out on her own that Maginot works for BeiTech and refuses his help, allowing him to be tortured by the team's leader, Travis Falk. However, at the end of the book when one person is needed to stay behind at the doomed Heimdall to work the wormhole controls and allow the others to travel through, Jackson volunteers - assumedly to feel like he's redeemed himself. He references a promise he made to Hanna to give her "a whole sky of different stars".

With that, Hanna, Nik, Ella and the few other survivors board the former BeiTech ship Mao and cross the wormhole, leaving Jackson behind. In his last minutes he writes a letter to Leanne Frobisher, providing a false account of what happened and assuring her that there are no Heimdall or Kerenza survivors left to tell the tale, and asking her to tell his parents that he carried out his duty. He is assumed to be killed when BeiTech's cleanup drones arrive minutes later and destroy Heimdall to eliminate all evidence of the atrocities committed by the company.


  • Jackson's favorite movie is Super Turbo Awesome Team vs. Awesome Turbo Super Team.[7]
  • Jackson used to have a black Arcadian tomcat called Sir Voms-a-lot, named so because the cat vomited all over his shirt when he first got it.[7]
  • He took advantage of the favors people owed him in order to plan a date with Hanna. He borrowed a ship, got his friends to distract Hanna's father, and brought her through the wormhole to watch the sunset on another planet.


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