ILLUMINAE: The ILLUMINAE Files_01 is the first book in The Illuminae Files.


This morning, Kady thought breaking up with Ezra was the hardest thing she’d have to do.

This afternoon, her planet was invaded.

The year is 2575, and two rival megacorporations are at war over a planet that’s little more than an ice-covered speck at the edge of the universe. Too bad nobody thought to warn the people living on it. With enemy fire raining down on them, Kady and Ezra—who are barely even talking to each other—are forced to fight their way onto an evacuating fleet, with an enemy warship in hot pursuit.

But their problems are just getting started. A deadly plague has broken out and is mutating, with terrifying results; the fleet's AI, which should be protecting them, may actually be their enemy; and nobody in charge will say what’s really going on. As Kady hacks into a tangled web of data to find the truth, it's clear only one person can help her bring it all to light: the ex-boyfriend she swore she'd never speak to again.[1]


The Kerenza InvasionEdit

BeiTech invades Kerenza IV, killing most of the population. Ezra Mason and Kady Grant are among the few survivors. On board the warship Alexander they must fix their broken relationship and reach the Heimdall waypoint before the BeiTech warship Lincoln intercepts and destroys them. When the Alexander's Artificial Intelligence named AIDAN goes rogue, Ezra and Kady have to work together to not only beat the Lincoln to Heimdall, but also to beat AIDAN. While they are trying to do that, a deadly bio-weapon that has been unleashed by bei-tech is decimating the crew. the weapon influences the victoems mind with paranoia and helplessness... at least thats strain A. named phobos, strain B doubles the paranoia and the crazyness. vitoms go so far as to scoop their murder's eyes out. "It was then that I discovered the fourth victom (julia morton, age 6). victoms eyes had also been removed." and in a conversation between ezra and kady, "...carrying a fire ax. painted red to his elbows" kady has to cope with her mothers death in the copernicus explosion that AIDEN initiated.

Pursuit by the LincolnEdit

After the battle, the Alexander



  • Second Lieutenant Ezra Mason - After his home planet Kerenza IV got attacked by BeiTech Industries, he finds refuge on the Alexander, where he gets conscripted by the UTA and learns to pilot a Cyclone.
  • ✝️ General David Torrence/Dozer (UTN-951-787ad) - Commander of the Alexander
  • ✝️ Colonel Lia Myles - Executive Officer of the Alexander and Second In Command
  • ✝️ Colonel Eva Sanchez - Acting Chief of Technical Engineering
  • UTA Information Services Division of the Alexander
    • ✝️ Corporal Charles Dorian - A mid-level Communication Technician
    • ✝️ Private Stephanie LeFevre - Communication Technician; seems to have had a thing for Corporal Charles Dorian
  • UTA Marines' Sigma Squad
    • First Lieutenant Winifred McCall - Commanding Officer
    • ✝️ Sergeant James McNulty - Member; Ezra Mason's friend
    • ✝️ Corporal Sykes - Member
    • Private Henderson - Member
    • Gandolfini - Member
    • Montano - Member
    • Parker - Member
    • Kilpatrick - Member
    • Doherty - Member
  • Echo Cyclone Flight Group of the Alexander
    • ✝️ Major Eli Hawking/Prophet (UTN-912-842ad) - Commanding Officer
    • ✝️ First Lieutenant Zhenya Alvaranga/Dreadnought (UTN-945-817ad) - Member
    • ✝️ Second Lieutenant Mikael Carlin/Chatter - Member; later one of the refuge after the Phobos Virus outbreak aboard the Alexander
  • Senior Technical Engineering Specialists
    • Major Nico Lassinger
    • Major Lisa Barker
  • First Lieutenant L. Ribar - Works on the Alexander


  • ✝️ Mallory Yzerman - Former Chief of Technical Engineering, who died in the attack on Kerenza IV
  • UTA military
    • ✝️ Sergeant Kyra Tan - Sergeant
    • ✝️ Captain Andrew Cole - Captain
  • ✝️ Major Cayla Alton/Sting (UTN-924-776ad) - Member of the Delta Cyclone Flight Group
  • Cyclone pilots not surviving Lincoln's first attack
    • ✝️ First Lieutenant Sumiko Watanabe/Tsurugi
    • ✝️ Captain Benjamin Szymkow/Money
  • Cyclone pilots finding refuge on the Hypatia after the Phobos Virus outbreak aboard the Alexander
    • ✝️ Andrew Bambroon/Buzz
    • ✝️ Peter Wolverton/Ladiesman
    • ✝️ Nic Crowhurst/Guvnor
    • ✝️ Marion Cole/Badger
    • ✝️ Kathleen Kennedy/KitKat
    • ✝️ McCormick Templeman/Sharkgirl
    • ✝️ Kacey Smith/Greyhound
    • ✝️ Justin Shearer/Griefer
    • ✝️ Julie Holmes/Mighty
    • ✝️ Jim Parker/Surly
    • ✝️ Steve Tuck/Warlord
    • ✝️ Keri Bas/Zephre
    • ✝️ Kristen Simmons/KayKay
    • ✝️ Marc Schaper/Logan
    • ✝️ Keet Stachura/Mom
    • ✝️ Andrew Glouftis/Dreadpirate
    • ✝️ Sam Leibowitz/Sigil
  • Matt - A conscript on the Alexander, who is acquainted with Peyak
  • Martina Hernandez - A refugee that gave birth to her daughter on the Alexander
  • Christopher Hernandez - Martina Hernandez' husband
  • Unnamed daughter - Martina Hernandez' and Christopher Hernandez' unnamed daughter


  • Kady Grant - After the attack on Kerenza IV, Kady ends up on board of the Hypatia.
  • ✝️ Byron Zhang - A Technical Engineer, Research Officer and Civilian Contractor working on the Hypatia. He is an information-liberty activist, who teaches Kady how to code properly and hack into computer networks.
  • ✝️ Ann Chau - Captain of the Hypatia
  • Syra Boll - Executive Officer of the Hypatia and Chief Navigator; later becomes the Acting Captain of the Hypatia
  • ✝️ Consuela Nestor - Technical Engineer working on the Hypatia
  • Ronan Wells - Second Navigator of the Hypatia
  • Bronwen Evans - Second Class Security Officer
  • Sam Ryan - First Class Security Officer
  • James Wu - Head of the Security Section


  • Kate Irving - Second In Command in the Maintenance Division of the Hypatia
  • Corporal Anton Boklov - Works in the UTA Information Services Division
  • Xi Wei Lu - Network Engineer on the Hypatia
  • Benjamin Fraser Brown - Senior Network Engineer on the Hypatia
  • Peyak - Works on the Hypatia
  • Martha - A refugee from Kerenza IV, who used to work in GeoSpec Analysis before the attack
  • ✝️ Tony - Martha's husband, who died when their car crashed on the way to the evacuation shuttles
  • ✝️ Julie - Martha's daughter, who died at the age of six during the evacuation of her school
  • ✝️ Lela - Martha's daughter, who died at the age of two when their car crashed on the way to the evacuation shuttles
  • Katya - Martha's eight-year-old daughter; her current whereabouts are unknown, as well as whether she survived or not
  • Thanh - Refugee on board of the Hypatia



  • Sergeant Randall Blythe - Officer on the Copernicus
  • Corporal Adler - Officer on the Copernicus
  • Mark Morton (KR985cop) - A 31-years-old refugee from Kerenza who murdered four people, his wife and three children, with a screwdriver and pipe wrench while under the influence of the Phobos Virus.
  • Maryanne Morton (KR986cop) - Mark Morton's 29-years-old wife, whom he murdered
  • Stephanie Morton (KR987cop) - Mark Morton's 12-years-old daughter, whom he murdered
  • Olive Morton (KR988cop) - Mark Morton's 8-years-old son, whom he murdered
  • Julian Morton (KR989cop) - Mark Morton's 4-year-old son, whom he murdered

Other CoversEdit


  • ILLUMINAE was sold to Random House based on a 130 page sample, which included rough designs of the pages designed by Jay Kristoff, who studied graphic design and used to work as an art director.[2]
  • "Illuminae" means "the radiant ones" or "those who shed light" in Latin. Jay Kristoff came up with the title during a Tool concert, not knowning that it was a real Latin word until a year later.[2]
  • Ezra's AAR on page 42 was the first scene written for the novel, and was originally intended to be the opening of the book, until the authors decided to discard this idea.[2]
  • The binary at the edges of Kady's journal pages reads "Death by Giant Slug to the reader of this journal" when translated.[2]
  • Leigh Bardugo is listed amongst the casualty list of the Copernicus; it is a name of an actual author. This easter egg however causes a slight continuity error, for it appears again in GEMINA: The ILLUMINAE Files 02, as another eventual casualty.