The Hypatia is a science vessel belonging to the Wallace Ulyanov Consortium. After the attack on Kerenza IV, it is used to help the refugees from Kerenza IV.


The Hypatia is a long-range WUC scientific exploration vessel that is ideally suited for deep-space recon/assessment. It is an Oracle class vessel, with a length of 0.9 km and a height of 0.21 km. It has a crew of 500 and has a maximum velocity of 1.5 sst and an acceleration of 1.3 sst. The Hypatia's main drive is a Balor IX [gt4] and its secondary drive is a Balor IV x4. Its inertial dampeners are at 0.98 g and have a defense grid consisting of a ZXII-unig and two Twilight GH-2. It also is equipped with a payload of six Capstone 7c, twelve Nova III shuttles, state-of-the-art tracking, and QASAR arrays.



Battle of Kerenza IVEdit

The Hypatia was one of three vessels, alongside the Copernicus and Alexander, to ferry refugees off Kerenza IV.

Obsidio Edit

After the Hypatia's fuel tank reached a critical point, they abandoned the ship, leaving it floating in space. Instead, they took the Mao for their further journey.


  • Like all the other WUC ships, the Hypatia is named after a famous astronomer: Hypatia of Alexandria. She was the head of the Neoplatonic school in Alexandria, where she taught philosophy and astronomy. She was also a mathematician and inventor.[1]


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