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The House of Knives, also known as the Dom Najov, is a Russian crime family based in New Petersburg. It is led by the Malikov family.


The House of Knives primarily deals in tetraphenetrithylamine, or dust, but other protection rackets are also used. Crimes committed by members and associates of the family include assault, murder, and robbery. The syndicate is also affiliated with several lawyers/attorneys, who defend the HoK's members in court, and even a network of lackeys within the jail system. They also have several family members doing legal business - one of Nik and Ella's connections is to an underrated restaurant in New Petersburg that serves pelmeni.

The HoK has two branches, with the main branch based in the city of New Petersburg, while a second branch is based on Heimdall Jump Station.

The House of Knives's traditional style of burial for deceased members includes poker chips laid over the eyes, and arms crossed over the chest. This is mentioned in GEMINA: The ILLUMINAE Files 02.

Members & Associates[]


HoK uses tattoos as a sort of rank-representation method, with different tattoos representing different deeds completed for the HoK.

Knives snaking down the arm represent full membership in the HoK

Flowers on the top of the hands represent conviction for drug trafficking

A chain at the waist represents one term in prison served for a crime committed for the HoK

A padlock on the heart represents being tortured and not revealing information about the HoK

An angel with wings on the neck represents the murder of someone in the name of the HoK


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