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Heimdall Jump Station is the jump station closest to Kerenza IV. After the attack on Kerenza IV, a fleet of refugees consisting of the Alexander, Hypatia and Copernicus searches for help there.


Heimdall Jump Station is located approximately 6.5-7 months away from Kerenza IV. It has seven waypoints that can be reached by using the station's wormhole. The first waypoint leads to Corwin, where heaving minerals are mined. The second waypoint goes to Saine, an asteroid belt where water and ice are mined. The third leads to Kerenza IV, an ice planet with hermium mines; the fourth to Hawking, which a dead system after a supernova exploded there; the fifth to Ptolemy, a neo-pastoralist colony; the sixth to the Tyson System, which has a silicon nature preserve on Tyson 3. The seventh and final waypoint gets you to the Core (modern-day Earth and the solar system).[1]


Around the beginning of GeminaJackson Merrick hacks the whisperNET account of Sam Wheaton. Merrick threatens Nik Malikov with exposing his dust dealing to Station Commander Charles Donnelly, if Nik does not help smuggle a biotainer aboard the Heimdall.

The biotainer turns out to be a BeiTech auditor team sent to prevent the refugees from BeiTech's invasion on Kerenza IV from escaping through the jump station's wormhole. They fear the refugees will tell the story of the company's crimes to the universe, and their mission is to blow up the only remaining refugee ship, the Hypatia. The BeiTech team attempts a takeover of the jump station, but face resistance from Hanna Donnelly, Nik Malikov, Ella MalikovaIsaac Grant, and the survivors aboard the Hypatia.



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