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"Am I not merciful?"
This article contains plot details and potential spoilers for the The ILLUMINAE Files series! If you have not begun reading the books or are not too far into the story, please refrain from reading or proceed with caution.

Hanna Donnelly is the main protagonist of GEMINA and a minor protagonist in OBSIDIO


Early Life[]

Hanna was born on the planet of Ares VI on the 25th of April, 2058. She was born to Charles Donnelly and Alimah Donnelly. She attended Villon Academy from age six to eleven. However, her mother Alimah died in her youth. Charles decided to move to Heimdall Jump Station soon after. During her life on Heimdall, Hanna continued her education as well as learning several martial art forms.

Aboard Heimdall, Hanna met Jackson Merrick whom she quickly fell in love with. Apart from her relationship with Merrick, Hanna was mostly disdainful of the other inhabitants of Heimdall. This stemmed from her desire to get back to 'civilization' (the Core Systems). Hanna was frequently bored on Heimdall, so often bought dust from Niklas Malikov (a member of the House of Knives cartel aboard Heimdall). Hanna's relationship with Nik was complicated and not always friendly.

Her father Charles recognised her boredom and dislike of Heimdall, so made sure she lived a privileged life, often buying her notebooks. While this may seem trivial, paper is extremely expensive to purchase and transport to a jump station as remote as Heimdall.

Events of Gemina[]

Hanna is first seen in Gemina talking to Niklas and organising her next purchase of dust. After this, a brief insight is given into her relationship with Merrick and her father, as well as her opinions of Heimdall.

Terra Day Party[]

Hiding from BeiTech[]

Arrival of Hypatia and Subsequent Events[]



Events of Obsidio[]

Aboard the Mao[]

Garver's Mutiny[]

Second Battle of Kerenza IV[]

BeiTech Trial and Aftermath[]


Hanna is highly intelligent and strong due to receiving both physical and tactical training from a very young age. She can, however, come off as stubborn at times. She is very determined. She also loves to draw and uses a sketchbook to help us understand her mind.


Hanna is described by Analyst ID 7213-0089-DN (a.k.a Niklas Malikov) as a girl of medium height and medium build with nice curves. She has blonde hair, which she is often seen wearing in a braid, and blue eyes.[7] She is also possibly of part Arab or Southern Asian descent as she notes that her mother was practicing Islam in OBSIDIO. According to Jay Kristoff, she looks like Kristen Bell.[9]

Skills & Abilities[]

  • Art: Hanna is a talented artist, and keeps a journal in which she keeps her drawings. The drawings are showcased in both GEMINA and OBSIDIO.
  • Martial arts: It is mentioned that Hanna regularly practices krav maga and is very good at it.[10] She also has multiple black belts, and looks up to generals like Sun Tzu.[7]
  • Strategy games: Hanna often played strategy games and simulations with her father, enhancing her rational thinking.


  • Hanna's favorite flower is jasmine because she likes the scent.[11]
  • It is widely suspected that she is Analyst ID 8759-6294-DN.



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