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"Am I not merciful?"
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He presses the triggers. And, like roses in his hands, death blooms.

AIDAN on Ezra Mason, ILLUMINAE: The ILLUMINAE Files 01

Ezra Mason is Kady Grant 's boyfriend, and a survivor of the BeiTech attack on Kerenza IV.


I take this as a declaration of war. Presuming they don’t line me up against a bulkhead and shoot me after my court martial tomorrow, I will be making sweet, sweet love to your sister by week’s end. This I do solemnly vow

—Ezra to James McNulty, ILLUMINAE: The ILLUMINAE Files 01

Ezra is described as a very easy-going guy that likes to joke around. He can handle social situations with ease and take the lead if necessary, which is a skill he most likely got from playing geeball on a team in high school.[2] However, his psychological evaluation files state that after the death of Anthony Mason (his father), he suffered from PTSD and anxiety. He is also shown to hold a grudge against BeiTech Industries, since he blames them for his father's death.[2]

He is very affectionate towards Kady Grant, stating multiple times how much he loves her, but always ends with saying that she deserves better and that he is not good enough for her.[3] On several occasions, he also shows that he wants nothing more than for Kady to be safe,[4][5] even begging her to stop hacking, as it endangers her.[6]

Generally, Ezra is depicted as someone who gets emotional easily, but who tries to hide his insecurities behind jokes. He is not afraid to voice his own opinions, however, and often questions orders and actions from people who outrank him or are in any position of power.[7]


Ezra is described as having little circular scars on his arms, which his mother gave him when he was eight. He is also noted to have brown eyes and a babyface compared to many of his fellow pilots, and he is also quite tall. However, his other features are rarely mentioned throughout the book.



Assault on Kerenza IV[]

During the attack on Kerenza IV, Ezra is shot by a BeiTech Industries employee. He is saved by Kady Grant, with whom he had broken up shortly prior, and is brought on board the Alexander, where he bumps into a crying Olivia Klein, and his injury is treated.

Aboard the Alexander[]

Later, he is recruited as a cyclone pilot for the UTA . On one of his missions, he witnesses the ship's artificial intelligence AIDAN as it destroys the Copernicus in a missile attack. Against AIDAN's orders, his squad rescues the survivors and brings them on board the Alexander. Trying to understand why AIDAN destroyed the Copernicus, he helps Kady gather intel on the attack.

Later in the book, AIDAN pretends to be Ezra to lure Kady to come and help the Alexander. AIDAN then lies to Kady, saying that Ezra is dead to convince her to stay with it and destroy the Lincoln. But in the end, after Kady has destroyed the Lincoln and been rescued by the Hypatia, Kady and Ezra are reunited.

In Gemina and Obsidio, Ezra is seen working with other members of the Illuminae Group, as well as Syra Boll and Winifred McCall. During their recapture of Kerenza IV his plane is shot down. He is only saved by his copilot Nik, who against all criticism has brought a parachute with him.


  • His first date with Kady was a game of 20 Questions with Kady's father Isaac Grant.
  • Ezra turns out to be a skilled pilot, and is enlisted by the UTA and Syra Boll to help with fighting BeiTech as a result.



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