Erik Malikov is the younger brother to Nik Malikov and cousin to Ella Malikova. His father is Zakary Malikov. He is mentioned by name and does not appear in any of the files.

Erik and his brother, Nik, raised Billy, their dog, as children. When Billy gets hit nearby a railroad, she breaks her back and their father, Zakary, gives them a gun, telling them to men. Erik freaks out about this, but Nik kills Billy at age 11.

Erik Malikov, along with his brother, Nik, was told by his father to kill a man whilst he was in jail. Nik couldn't bring himself to do so, but Erik, feeling like he was in his brothers shadow, chose to do so. He ended up killing a man and his young daughter, who frightened him whilst he was in the act. Nik took the blame for his murders and ended up going to jail.

Erik committed suicide at some point before Nik was transferred to Heimdall's House of Knives. Erik left a suicide note proving Nik's innocence for the murders.

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