Ella Malikova is a member of the House of Knives. She is the daughter of Mikhail Malikov, the younger cousin of Nik Malikov and Erik Malikov, and the niece of Zakary Malikov.


Much like Nik Malikov she is a jokester and is sarcastic. Shes very strong even with her disabilities and extremely talented with technology. However, unlike her cousin, Ella is more of a realist. She is also a bit more cynical and sarcastic than her cousin.


Ella is described as having long, straight black hair with sharp bangs, fair skin and green "razorblade" eyes. After suffering from the lysergia plague at the age of 13, she ended up paralyzed from the waist down, she is only able to move the upper part of her body. Due to her lungs being compromised, she has to wear an oxygen mask at all times.[2]


Ella helps Nik Malikov and Hanna Donnelly with evacuating the remaining civilians on Heimdall Jump Station. She is also responsible for the death of the BeiTech Industries Beta Squad, which she flushed out of an airlock as they tried to capture Hanna.[3] BeiTech, however, believes that Hanna eliminated Beta Squad and consequently tries to get rid of her.

Skills & AbilitiesEdit

  • Hacking: After she was rendered unable to walk, she was restricted to her computer, which she named Anansi, after the Akan god of spiders and mischief.[2] She got exceptionally good at hacking, helping the House of Knives with it.


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