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This article contains plot details and potential spoilers for the The ILLUMINAE Files series! If you have not begun reading the books or are not too far into the story, please refrain from reading or proceed with caution.

Tetraphenetrithylamine, also known as "dust", is a drug. It is produced from lanima, a parasitic alien native to Pangea III.

Usage and Side Effects[]

The side effects of taking too much dust are described as being similar to the effects of the Phobos Virus on the Afflicted. Dust is highly addictive, and is highly sought after in the Core and fringe regions. It is relatively side effect free, though one can become paranoid and develop pyschosis once addicted. It also serves to reduce anxiety, alter perception of pain, and raise blood pressure.


The lanima secrete a thick oily fluid from sub-dermal glands, which reacts with CO2 to produce a airborne pyschoactive designed to disorientate the prey. When dried and processed, this fluid produces dust, or tetraphenetrithylamine.

Lanima begin producing this toxin immediately after birth. On dust farms, the larvae are normally incubated inside bovines or other large mammals until they reach a problematic length (two meters is the maximum). However, the UTA and most Core governments have outlawed the breeding and keeping of lanima. Despite this, lanima farmers continue to keep the parasites in crowded areas (as was the case on Heimdall Jump Station), where the higher brainwave activity helps them grow.


In GEMINA: The ILLUMINAE Files 02, Nik Malikov is revealed to be Hanna Donnelly's dust dealer, with Hanna trying to draw what a trip on dust feels like in her journal and messaging Nik for an exchange over WhisperNET. Hanna formerly used it as a "party favor" for her and her friends to enjoy with the Terra Day festivities, but the dust also comes into use when Hanna locates Isaac Grant, where she gives him a bit of it to keep him stable and lucid enough to survive and help them plan out a counterattack on the Terra Day attack invaders.

In addition, during the fight with Fleur "Kali" Russo, Hanna throws some of the dust into her face, incapacitating her in a last-minute stroke of genius in an attempt to save Nik.