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General David Torrence is the captain of the UTA ship Alexander.


Torrence is killed alongside other bridge staff when AIDAN allows the afflicted (Phobos Virus) victims out of Hanger Bay 4 and onto the bridge. AIDAN's logic behind this is that Torrence is acting against the good of the majority of survivors on the Alexander. It decides, with its broken logic, that he therefore needs to be eliminated, and allows the deranged Afflicted to attack and kill him. Torrence uses his last words to ask AIDAN, despite all it's done to bring about his demise, to tell his wife and children that he was thinking of them in his last moments. As he dies, AIDAN promises that it will do so.


  • Before the attack on Kerenza IV, Torrence would repeatedly challenge AIDAN to games of chess, and always lose. AIDAN didn't understand the reasoning behind this, with the remark: "I wondered at the futility of it. If it is the definition of insanity to repeat the same process and expect a different outcome, most of humanity must be insane".