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David Taylor was the former Director of Aquisitions at the corporation BeiTech Industries.


After being notified that BeiTech's competitor (the Wallace Ulyanov Consortium) had an illegal hermium mining colony on Kerenza IV, Taylor ordered an attack and occupation of the planet rather than reporting it to the universal law enforcement, the UTA. The attack consisted of ships Lincoln, Magellan, Zhongzheng, Kenyatta, and Churchill, as well as the release of an experimental pathogen in an attempt to cripple anyone who stood in their way. This resulted in the deaths and loss of thousands of innocent civilians and created what was about to become what Leanne Frobisher later called a "PR disaster". The company raced to cover up its own crimes, sending dreadnoughts and battleships after the escaping survivors in an attempt to kill and silence them. Notable survivors included the Illuminae Group, who worked together to survive and try to bring BeiTech to justice.

In GEMINA: The ILLUMINAE Files 02, it is revealed that Taylor has either resigned or been fired, as he's replaced by survivor Ezra Mason's mother Leanne Frobisher in an attempt to fix Taylor's mistakes. Frobisher proceeds to express scorn over Taylor's rash actions, and how she must now be the one to deal with them.