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Corporal Danny Corron is a cook on the Alexander.


Corron is described as being jovial and friendly to other residents of the Alexander before the BeiTech attack; during his escape from the ship, though, he is seen to be determined and "unyielding", with the Video Analyst noting that "[t]his is a man who's going home to his gamily".



Danny Corron's group is one of the surviving groups on the Alexander. It consists of him and nine other members of the catering staff, a group of close friends. His group starts on Deck 104 and is led down to Deck 32 by Kady Grant, where he merges with Winifred McCall's group.[2] He stumbles in exhaustion near the end and has to be helped by McCall for a bit, indicating that he isn't as fit, but still successfully makes it out of the ship and onto the escaping shuttles and onto the Hypatia.



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