Copernicus is a mid-trek freighter owned by the Wallace Ulyanov Consortium. After the attack on Kerenza IV, it is used to help the refugees.



Prior to the battle of Kerenza IV, the Heavy freighter Copernicus was stationed alongside Dreadnought Defiant in service to planet operations.[1] After the battle, it was one of three ships to transport refugees off Kerenza IV.

Escape from Kerenza IV Edit

About 2 months into the escape from Kerenza IV, Copernicus medical staff discovered the existence of an airborne chemical agent, later designated Phobos, aboard the ship. Despite efforts by shipboard personnel aboard Copernicus, the disease eventually infected the medical staff and the ship was judged as dangerous by AIDAN, resulting in the ensuing Copernicus Incident.[2]


  • Like the other WUC ships, the Copernicus is named after a famous astronomer: Nicolaus Copernicus, who first proposed the idea that the sun, not the earth, was at the center of our solar system.[3]


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