The Churchill was a BeiTech Industries dreadnought sent to liquidate the Kerenza IV colony, alongside the Lincoln, the Kenyatta, and the Zhongzheng. When the BeiTech Fleet engaged the newly arrived Alexander, the Churchill suffered heavy damage from the UTA battlecruiser.

Plot Edit

The Churchill was sent to the Kerenza System to liquidate the Wallace Ulyanov Consortium colony on Kerenza IV through the Mobile Jump Platform Magellan, which was the only Mobile Jump Platform developed outside a UTA lab. When it engaged the Alexander, as afore-mentioned, it sustained a huge amount of damage.

When the Mao returned to Kerenza IV, Ella Malikova and AIDAN sneaked into the Churchill's comms array through Asha Grant's palmpad to cut off access to their weapons, including their missiles, nukes, and railguns. After the railguns came back online but began to fire on their Warlocks, in a last-ditch effort, Admiral Sūn Huojin ordered Captain Chris Howard to cut off power to the railguns and went over to the decaying Kenyatta to use the it's remaining railguns instead.

When AIDAN drove the Churchill into the Kenyatta, both ships were destroyed.

Trivia Edit

Churchill was named after Winston Churchill, the Prime Minister who led Britain through World War Two.


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