• Raven Wolf 48

    I'm reeling

    May 8, 2020 by Raven Wolf 48

    Ok so i was reading Gemina and i got to a part where SPOILER ALERT apparently Jackson Merrick is Rapier and not Sam Wheaton? I'm- I'm like so confused and shocked?

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  • Ceruleangaming

    Sometimes I wonder what happened to some of the villains that they were put where they were. Some of the BeiTech invasion squad in Gemina must have had some doubts about invading the Heimdall and killing people, or at least they might have used to. I'm curious to know what happened that all of them were so ruthless. And ditto with Oshiro - I wonder what happened that she started disregarding her dad's saying that "A soldier's first duty is to his conscience". There was also Joran Karalis - I wonder what happened to him, his wife, and his kids. I hope they made it out in canon. :)

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  • Witnessme

    Gemina Fantasy Casting

    October 27, 2016 by Witnessme

    UPDATE: Voting is now closed! Check out the winners below!

    We only have one more book left in The Illuminae Files trilogy. In Gemina, we learned more about the evil BeiTech company and met two new protagonists: Hanna and Nik. This series just keeps better and better and now we've heard that Brad Pitt's production company has bought the rights to turn these books into a movie. We thought it'd be fun to put a list together of the potential actors we'd like to see play the survivors from both the Hypatia and the Heimdall. Now it's time for you to vote for on your favorites. We will be accepting votes until November 30th so get yours in today!

    When we're done with voting we will announce the winners, so remember to check back here!

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