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BeiTech Industries is a rival corporation of the Wallace Ulyanov Consortium.



BeiTech discovers that Kerenza IV hosts an illegal hermium mining colony owned by competing company WUC, and instead of pursuing legal action, BeiTech decides to attack and occupy it instead. They invade Kerenza in 2575 using four dreadnaughts: the ChurchillKenyattaLincoln and Zhongzheng. All the BeiTech dreadnaughts but Lincoln are destroyed or severely damaged in the battle. The Lincoln gives chase to refugee ships Hypatia, Alexander, and Copernicus in attempt to destroy all witnesses to their attack on the illegal mine colony.


After discovering that BeiTech's valuable ships have been destroyed by the Kerenza survivors and that the ship Hypatia, full of witnesses of the attack on Kerenza, has gotten away, Leanne Frobisher writes to an undercover BeiTech operative on jump station Heimdall (the Hypatia's next destination) named Jackson Merrick. Together they coordinate the arrival of an assault team to take over the station and eliminate all the survivors before they escape through the station's wormhole. But the BeiTech team's efforts are hampered by oraganized resistance from Hanna Donnelly, Nik Malikov, Ella Malikova, Isaac Grant and the survivors on the Hypatia.


The approaching former BeiTech ship Mao, bearing Kady Grant, Ezra Mason, Hanna Donnelly, Nik Malikov and others, receives a distress signal from Kerenza IV, where BeiTech has occupied the mining colony and is forcing civilians to mine enough hermium to create a mini wormhole and get the dreadnaughts out of the Kerenza System. However, they face a rebellion brewing, members of which include Asha Grant (Kady Grant's cousin), Bruno Way, and others. BeiTech ground pounder Rhys Lindstrom defects to the side of the resistance after being persuaded by his ex-girlfriend Asha, and with his help and the help of the survivors aboard the Mao, they launch an attack on the BeiTech forces.

Later, BeiTech Director of Acquisitions Leanne Frobisher, Ezra Mason's mother, must defend the actions of herself and her corporation in court against the Kerenza IV survivors.