Asha Grant is Kady Grant's cousin, who survived the attack on Kerenza IV.


Asha Grant is shown to be pragmatic and collected, though it is revealed that her past was much different and unhealthy. Asha is not of any special skills or talents like many of her fellow Illuminae members, but possesses great bravery and compassion, shown through her devotion to Katya Kowalska, "the cleverest mouse". It is also worth mentioning that she is the one who taught Rhys Lindstrom how to cheat in cards. She claims to be an expert at coning/lying, which is how she and Rhys snuck int


Asha Grant has a tattoo that serves as evidence of her and Rhys' time together, which says Rhys and Asha. She has dark skin and green eyes. She also has a tattoo on her wrist that says Samaira, in memory of her deceased sister. She is described as having light brown skin and dark hair, and green eyes.


Asha only appears in Obsisdio. Her part is that of an resistance member on Kerenza IV. During the BeiTech occupation she works as a pharmacy intern. During her time there her ex (Rhys) arrives as a BeiTech "Specialist". Asha and her resistance pals manage to grab Linstrom's help and send a SOS to , well, anyone really. Luky for them the Mao receives the transmission. At the end of the book it she and Rhys seem to be back together and Katya (who was shot) is taken to see the judge during the court session.

"I'm not a nurse. I'm a pharmacy intern. But most of our nurses are dead because of soldierboy *****s like you"

-Asha Grant, Obsisdio.

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