Alexander is a United Terran Authority battleship that carried 1,097 civilians from the attack on Kerenza. It was a Class Vortex ship assisted by AIDAN and Cyclone ships. The Alexander also carried civilians afflicted by the Phobos Virus from the Copernicus. It was blown up by the Lincoln's missiles, Capricorn-4s and Goliath shipkillers, after firing all of the Alexander's missiles at the Lincoln.




  • Battlecarrier Alexander was named after Alexander III of Macedon, also known as Alexander the Great, a warrior king who created one of the largest empires in history.[1]
    • The original name for the Alexander was "Hadrian", after the Roman Emperor who built Hadrian's Wall in England. However, the idea was discarded since two ships starting with "H" might've confused the reader.[1]


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