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The ATLAS, or the Armored Tactical Light Assault Suit, is a protective armored suit.


ATLASes are made of plasteel and nanofiber, with face shields and special seals to keep the wearer at a constant temperature. They also have an enamel visor inlaid with eight red LED lights that one can flip down over the face, and top-of-the-line cameras mounted on the shoulder of the suit.

The ATLAS is notably difficult to seal; on his first day planetside as a tech specialist with BeiTech, Rhys Lindstrom struggles with the power couplings and is eventually taught by Sergeant Yukiko Oshiro.


The ATLASes were used during the BeiTech invasion and occupation of Kerenza IV. BeiTech ground pounders Rhys, Duke, Oshiro, Jake Christie, Private Day and other characters wore ATLASes as a part of their regular uniform during the occupation, both to protect themselves from the bitter cold and for protection against civilian rebellion. However, they weren't completely protective, as explosions or heavy blows in certain spots on the suit could cause a lot of bodily damage.